Shade 45 Song List (2024)

1. Shade 45 Recently Played and Playlist - xmplaylist

  • Recently played songs from Shade 45: Shade 45, the uncensored hip-hop channel created by Eminem.

2. Shade 45 Newest Songs - sirius xm playlist

  • Shade 45. Ch. 45hiphop ; Save The Children. Joey Basa$$ ; Better Dayz. Trae Tha Truth ; Genesis. Prodigy (of Mobb Deep) ; Last Night. Kid 'N Play ; f*ck You. Mr.

  • Find recently played songs from XM Sirius radio stations. Listen to them on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and others.

3. Shade 45 - Eminem's hip-hop channel XL - SiriusXM

  • DJ Superstar Jay walks you thru Eminem's Shade 45's hottest Hip Hop songs of the week. ... Exclusive channels, sports play-by-play, A-list hosts. The ...

  • Shade 45, the uncensored hip-hop channel created by Eminem.

4. shade 45 playlist Archives - Da Inphamus Amadeuz

5. What's New on Shade 45 - SiriusXM

  • New Hip-Hop: J. Cole, Anderson .Paak, A Tribe Called Quest, The Lox + more (12/12/16). We've added new songs to ...

  • Find out what's happening on Shade 45, Eminem's own SiriusXM channel, featuring exclusive interviews and breaking news about the hip-hop music world.

6. Music tracks, songs, playlists tagged shade45 on SoundCloud

  • Play tracks and discovery playlists tagged shade45 on SoundCloud desktop and mobile.

7. Shade 45 New Music Playlist - Da Inphamus Amadeuz

  • 8 apr 2022 · Shade 45 New Music Playlist · 1- Frank Nino – Spooky Ft Blaze Gee, Nems, Fabeyon & Spit Gemz · 2- Innocent x Stan The Man – Ain't Playin Ft Da ...

  • Shade 45 New Music Playlist! Every Thursday at Noon EST / 9AM PT, Da Inphamus Amadeuz is LIVE with your weekly new music picks!

8. Shade 45 Sirius Bizness : DJ Green Lantern & Eminem - Internet Archive

  • 29 apr 2021 · Shade 45 Invasion ... IN COLLECTIONS. BlAcKiE_Beats Hiphop Collection The High Fidelity Emporium and Orchestrion. Uploaded by BlAcKiE_Beats on ...

  • DJ Green Lantern & Eminem - Shade 45 Sirius Bizness

9. The Smoking Section on Shade45 - Rap Fan

  • Episode 288 - July 28, 2023. DJ Muggs ft Cee-Lo - Joker's Wild. Sa-Roc - Talk To Me Nice. Cypress Hill - Hits from the Bong (DJ Muggs 2023 Remix) ... E-mail list!

  • The Smoking Section airs every Friday night from 10pm-midnight EST (7-9pm PST) on Shade45 (XM Radio), mixed and hosted by Trackstar the DJ with resident guest mixer James Biko helming the second hour. Cop a TSS hat, tee, or 64GB wooden USB pre-loaded with past episodes of the show here. Tracklists for the latest episod

10. SiriusXM Shade 45 - Facebook

  • SiriusXM Shade 45. 120803 likes · 340 talking about this. FOLLOW US @SHADE45.

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

11. Da Inphamus Amadeuz - Shade 45 Mixes - SoundCloud

  • 26 jan 2019 · Listen to Shade 45 Mixes | Da Inphamus Amadeuz, a playlist curated by dainphamusamadeuz on desktop and mobile ... List of Partners. I Accept

  • Each & Every Thursday! Da Inphamus Amadeuz Takes Over "The Drunk Mix" On Shade 45 | SiriusXm (The Lord Sear Special) Da Inphamus Amadeuz New EP: "Any Day Now (The Sequel)" Now Available On ALL Digita

12. SiriusXM Shade 45 Presents: TECH N9NE | House of Blues San Diego

  • 1 independent rap music label, the Kansas City rapper released The Calm Before The Storm. The acclaimed collection included songs that hinted at the type of ...

  • 05/11/2018 19 at House of Blues San Diego

Shade 45 Song List (2024)
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