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  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5892When Charlie and Vera arrived at the Wades' old mansion from Eastcliff International Airport, Stephen was already waiting there with Jeremiah. Stephen was the one who had brought Jeremiah here. After leaving Harmony Temple, Stephen went to the Wades' family manor to bring Jeremiah back to the old mansion.Jeremiah had always wanted to find more opportunities to bond with his grandson, Charlie, and deepen their relationship. However, even though Charlie had become the head of the Wades, he rarely came to Eastcliff. As a grandfather, Jeremiah hardly saw Charlie a few times throughout the year.When he heard that Charlie was coming to Eastcliff this time, Jeremiah naturally felt very happy. He arranged for the chefs to prepare a banquet to welcome Charlie home even before Charlie arrived at the old mansion.When Charlie arrived at the old mansion, Jeremiah even went to the courtyard with Stephen to greet him. As soon as he saw Charlie getting out of the car, he became somewhat excite
  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5891At this moment, he was waiting in the main hall of the courtyard. When Ashley and the fake abbess came in together, he hurriedly greeted them at the door, respectfully saying, “Hello, Madam! Hello, Madam Sun!”Ashley nodded slightly, pointed to the chairs in the hall, and said to him, “Please have a seat, Stephen.”Stephen bowed and said, “Thank you, Madam.”Ashley waved her hand and sat in the main seat in the hall while the fake abbess, who was wearing a hat, stood beside her.Although the fake abbess was still wearing a hat, Stephen could still tell that she had shaved her head. He asked in shock, “Madam Sun, why… why did you…”The fake abbess smiled faintly, took off her hat, and said, “I played the role of an abbess on Mount Tason today.”Stephen asked anxiously, “Madam Sun, did you see Young Master?! Does he still remember you? Please don't make Young Master suspicious!”The fake abbess shook her head and said, “Don't worry, I didn't meet him directly.”“That's good!” Ste
  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5890The fake abbess wasn't surprised by Stephen's words and said, “Mr. Thompson, Madam has already guessed what you're talking about, and that’s why she asked to meet you at Harmony Temple. Can you make it in time?”Stephen replied hurriedly, “Yes, I can. Young Master is used to keeping a low profile. Since he doesn’t want me to pick him up at the airport, I just need to wait for him at the old mansion. The old mansion is very close to Harmony Temple, so I will have plenty of time.”The fake abbess said, “That’s good. Let's meet at Harmony Temple in an hour.”Stephen said respectfully, “Understood!”The fake abbess then hung up the phone and reported to the woman, “Madam, Mr. Thompson said that Young Master will go to the old mansion tonight.”The beautiful middle-aged woman was slightly startled, and her beautiful eyes with fine signs of wrinkles at the corners were moist. She suppressed the tears and smiled with relief as she said, “Charlie has been away for so many years. It's time
  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5889Stephen said respectfully, “Young Master, I see that this is the satellite phone from the Wades' private jet. Are you on the plane?”Charlie replied, “Yes. I'm on my way to Eastcliff, and I will land in about two hours. Please arrange for a vehicle to pick me up at the airport.”Stephen hurriedly said, “Okay, Young Master. I'll arrange for the convoy and go to the airport to pick you up personally. I'll also inform Lord Wade and the others.”Charlie said, “There’s no need to make a fuss. You're the Wades’ butler, so it's too ostentatious for you to come pick me up in person. Just arrange for a car to be parked at the airport for my convenience. You may inform my grandfather about it, but there’s no need to notify others.”Stephen said without hesitation, “Okay, Young Master. I'll inform Lord Wade right away. Will you be staying at the old mansion tonight or will you be returning to the manor?”Charlie hummed and said, “I’ll stay at the old mansion. Prepare two guest rooms. I have
  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5888To Charlie, activating his pineal gland was his top priority at the moment.Not to mention what fierce beasts lurked within Mount Tason, just dealing with Fleur alone made him feel inadequate. Now, even though Fleur had temporarily retreated, it didn't mean she wouldn't come back in the future.Moreover, she was his mortal enemy, and even if she never returned to Oskia in the future, he still had to seek revenge. Therefore, he had to quickly find opportunities and activate his pineal gland.So, he spoke to Vera, who was beside him, saying, “Once I settle all my affairs in Aurous Hill, I will take the opportunity to go out and explore more.”Vera asked, “Do you have a general direction in mind, Young Master?”Charlie shook his head, “Since it's about finding opportunities, it should be spontaneous. I will go wherever I feel like going.”After saying that, Charlie couldn't help but sigh as he said, “But the more random it is, the less I know where to begin. After all, I have family
  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5887Vera asked in surprise, “The Apocalyptic Book is so powerful yet there isn't a single mental cultivation method in it?”Charlie sighed and said, “That’s right. The Apocalyptic Book is more like a beginner's guidebook to the world of cultivation. It contains so much information, but a large part of it isn't directly related to cultivation. Instead, it's deeply connected to martial arts. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of complete martial arts mental cultivation methods listed, but there isn't a complete mental cultivation method in it…”Upon hearing this, Vera couldn't help but say, “It's like cramming all the knowledge from elementary school, middle school, and even some college-level content into one book. For elementary and middle school students, this book is unparalleled, but for college students, its usefulness isn't significant at all.”Charlie nodded and continued, “Exactly. The thing is, I only know about freshman year of college, and my perspective only extends to the en
  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5886When Charlie and Vera arrived at Entrell Airport, a private jet was just taking off, heading to Eastcliff.Many private jets and charter jets from provincial capitals flew to Eastcliff every day, so this plane didn't attract any special attention. The Wades’ Gulfstream jet had been waiting there for a while. After Charlie and Vera passed the security check and boarded the plane smoothly, the pilot immediately requested takeoff clearance from the control tower and headed directly for Aurous Hill.As the plane took off, Charlie was still twirling the agarwood bracelet around. After a period of silence during the ascent, Charlie suddenly asked Vera, “Vera, besides advising me to turn back, did the abbess you met today mention when I could return to Mount Tason?”Vera shook her head, saying, “The abbess only said that Mount Tason is too dangerous for you to venture into, but she didn't mention when you could go back. Perhaps, for safety's sake, you should never go there again.”Charl
  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5885At that moment, the abbess turned to the middle-aged woman respectfully and asked, “Madam, what shall we do next?”The woman was gazing out of the window absentmindedly. Upon hearing the question, she replied, “Let's head to Aurous Hill. I'll stay at Qi Temple temporarily like before, and both of you should come with me. Don’t reveal yourselves once we arrive at Aurous Hill.”The nun nodded gently and said, “Okay. I'll inform the abbess at Qi Temple.”She then asked, “Madam, is there any particular girl you'd like to meet next? I'll see if I can make the necessary arrangements.”The woman raised an eyebrow, smiling as she said, “Who would I like to meet? I'd quite like to meet Ito Nanako. Among these girls, she has the most potential to join us.”The abbess smiled faintly and said, “I'll see what I can do to arrange that.”The woman nodded and chuckled, “She seems to be studying martial arts at Champs Elys Resort, right?”The abbess replied, “That’s right. She's with Rosalie and
  • The Charismatic Charlie WadeChapter 5884When the two came down from Quiant Monastery, Charlie kept holding the agarwood bracelet in his hand. He really wanted to know what the other person intended by leaving this bracelet for him, but after thinking about it, he still couldn't figure it out.For now, he simply decided to go along with what Vera said. The twenty-eight beads on this bracelet represented his current age. The other person had threaded twenty-eight beads into a bracelet, knowing full well that Vera would notice something unusual and return to Quiant Monastery to investigate. Yet, they had deliberately left this bracelet for him. What message were they trying to convey to him?While feeling puzzled, the two descended the mountain and started climbing back on the return path.As they ascended the mountain again, they coincidentally met several local elderly ladies. They were walking together, slowly descending from the mountain, each carrying a basket woven from vines. The baskets contained a lot of incense, pa
  • The Charismatic Charlie Wade Hot Chapters: Charlie's Best-Kept Secret Is Finally Revealed!

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