The Complete Guide to Mudae: How to Fully Customize and Master the Ultimate Anime Discord Bot – TheLinuxCode (2024)

For anime, manga, and video game fans, hanging out in Discord servers has become a popular pastime. But plain old text chat can eventually get boring. That‘s where specialized Discord bots come in to provide engaging activities and tools for community servers. One of the most popular bots that has taken Discord by storm is Mudae – an anime-focused bot packed with collecting games, detailed profiles, and endless customization options.

In this guide, I‘ll show you everything you need to know to get the most out of Mudae and enhance your server with the ultimate anime bot!

A Deep Dive into Mudae Bot

Before jumping into using Mudae, let‘s do a quick overview of what this bot is all about.

Mudae bot launched in November 2017 and quickly gained a huge following in the anime community. Its main appeal? Hosting a massive roster of anime/manga characters that users could collect through gacha-style systems.

The bot contains over 44,000 characters from popular shows, movies, and games. You can grow an extensive harem of these characters by claiming them through commands and games.

Each character in Mudae has a detailed profile card with images, descriptions, trivia, and more. You can fully customize each card with your own images, notes, awards, and layouts. This profile personalization combined with the collecting concept proved highly addictive for anime fans on Discord.

Beyond just collecting, Mudae also provides a wide range of built-in games and events. You can battle other users, guess characters, go on scavenger hunts, spin wheels of fate, and more. The bot even has moderation features to auto-ban certain inappropriate images.

New characters, games, and features get added through regular updates based on the suggestions of Mudae‘s 150,000+ server community. The developers are very active, keeping the bot constantly evolving.

For anime communities, Mudae has become a staple bot to drive engagement and fun through collecting competitions, trivia, raids, and just showing off profiles. Servers also use it creatively for things like creating character databases, game guides, waifu/husbando wars, and roleplay.

Now let‘s dive into getting Mudae up and running on your own server!

Step 1: Inviting Mudae to Your Server

The first step is adding the bot to your Discord server. Here‘s how:

  1. Visit Mudae‘s page on
  2. Click the big purple "Invite" button.

    The Complete Guide to Mudae: How to Fully Customize and Master the Ultimate Anime Discord Bot – TheLinuxCode (1)

  3. Choose your Discord server from the dropdown menu.

    The Complete Guide to Mudae: How to Fully Customize and Master the Ultimate Anime Discord Bot – TheLinuxCode (2)

  4. Click "Authorize" on the next screen to grant permissions.

    The Complete Guide to Mudae: How to Fully Customize and Master the Ultimate Anime Discord Bot – TheLinuxCode (3)

  5. Complete the simple captcha check.
  6. Hit "Add to Server" and you‘re done!

    Mudae has been added to your server. You‘ll see it appear in the member list.

The whole process only takes about 15 seconds. Now comes the fun part – using Mudae‘s commands!

Step 2: Claiming Your First Character

Your journey with Mudae begins by claiming your first character! Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the channel where you want Mudae to post messages.
  2. Type the command k.

    This summons Mudae to your channel so you can interact with it.

  3. Now type $claim to receive a random character.

    For example, you may get a profile card for Asuna from Sword Art Online.

    The card will show Asuna‘s anime/manga info, images, and a cool description. You‘ll also notice you earned some points for claiming her!

And just like that, Asuna has joined your fledgling harem. Feel free to $claim a few more times to get your first team together.

Each claim has a randomized chance of receiving a common, rare, or ultra rare character. Part of Mudae‘s appeal is the thrill of claiming that one OP character or waifu/husbando you‘ve had your eye on.

The Complete Guide to Mudae: How to Fully Customize and Master the Ultimate Anime Discord Bot – TheLinuxCode (4)

Asuna joins your harem with the $claim command

Now let‘s dive into unlocking Mudae‘s full potential…

Step 3: Mastering Mudae Commands

Here I‘ll overview some of Mudae‘s most useful categories of commands. Get ready to level up your Mudae skills!

Managing Your Profile

Your Mudae profile is your collector identity, showing off your full harem, stats, and customizations.

  • $profile – View your overall profile card with recent claims and more.
  • $list – See your full harem of claimed characters.
  • $leaderboard – Check rankings for most claims, rolls, etc.
  • $ marries – View your married characters (explained more later).

Claiming, Gifting, and Marrying

Expanding your collection is what it‘s all about!

  • $claim – Claim a random character as mentioned earlier.
  • $gift @user character – Gift one of your characters to another user.
  • $wish character – Generate a random wish list character.
  • $marry character – Virtually marry a character in your harem.
  • $divorce – …break up with a married character.

The Complete Guide to Mudae: How to Fully Customize and Master the Ultimate Anime Discord Bot – TheLinuxCode (5)

Gifting a character to a friend

Customizing Your Characters

Mudae offers tons of customization so you can personalize your harem.

  • $addimg character_name - url – Add a custom image for a character.
  • $removeimg character_name - image_id – Delete a custom image.
  • $note character_name - This is my note! – Add a note that appears with the character.
  • $editprofile – Change profile settings like background, layout, and more.
  • $disable/enable – Disable or enable characters appearing in rolls/claims.
  • $aliases – Create command aliases for fast claiming.

The Complete Guide to Mudae: How to Fully Customize and Master the Ultimate Anime Discord Bot – TheLinuxCode (6)

Adding a custom image for Kurisu

Playing Mudae‘s Games

The bot packs a ton of fun mini-games and events. Here are some top picks:

  • $guess – Guess a series based on emoji hints. Great for trivia!
  • $battle @opponent – Pit your characters against another user.
  • $map – Go on a scavenger hunt to find characters in Mudae‘s map.
  • $top – View leaderboards and compete for high scores.
  • $roll – Spin the wheel of fate for a random prize!

The Complete Guide to Mudae: How to Fully Customize and Master the Ultimate Anime Discord Bot – TheLinuxCode (7)

Guessing an anime series with $guess

Useful Utilities

Mudae also provides utility commands for daily use.

  • $daily – Claim a free character roll every 12 hours.
  • $languages – View and change display languages.
  • $settings – Adjust notification and privacy settings.
  • $blacklist add/remove– Manage your blacklist to ban certain images.
  • $reset – Reset your account if you wish.

Admin Commands

If you have the administrator role on your server, you can use these admin commands:

  • $disable – Temporarily disable Mudae in your server.
  • $announce message – Send an announcement to all channels.
  • $autoban – Toggle auto banning of blacklisted images.
  • $removeclaims @user – Remove a user‘s claims if needed.

Support Commands

Don‘t worry, Mudae‘s developers are very responsive if you need help.

  • $invite – Receive the bot‘s invite link for sharing.
  • $support – Get an invite to the official support server.
  • $invite – Add the bot to another server easily.
  • $changelog – See the latest updates and changes.

This gives you a sense of the HUGE range of commands available! It may feel overwhelming at first, but you‘ll quickly learn your favorites.

The full list can always be found on the Mudae Wiki as well. Now let‘s look at some key tips for optimizing your Mudae experience.

Step 4: Leveling Up Your Mudae Game

Here I‘ll share some pro tips and advice for mastering Mudae bot like a Discord pro:

Use Dedicated Channels

It‘s best to have specific channels just for Mudae commands and bot spam. Keeping things organized avoids cluttering your main chat channels.

Set up channels like:

The Complete Guide to Mudae: How to Fully Customize and Master the Ultimate Anime Discord Bot – TheLinuxCode (8)

Well organized Mudae channels

Automate with Other Bots

Bots like Auttaja allow you to set up automatic functions for Mudae. This saves you time on daily tasks.

For example, you can have Auttaja automatically claim your $daily character each day. Other handy automations include backing up your harem, sharing new claims, and more.

Customize with Themes

Applying a consistent aesthetic theme to your harem profiles really takes it to the next level.

Come up with creative themes based on:

  • Specific anime/manga series
  • Favorite colors/visual styles
  • Personality types like tsundere, yandere, etc.
  • Waifu/husbando criteria
  • And anything else you can imagine!

The Complete Guide to Mudae: How to Fully Customize and Master the Ultimate Anime Discord Bot – TheLinuxCode (9)

A neon pink aesthetic theme example

Host Events and Contests

Mudae events are a great way to drive engagement in your server. Some fun ideas:

  • Trivia contests with the $guess command.
  • Bracket battles between harems.
  • See who can marry their waifu/husbando the fastest.
  • Racing to complete new anime series collections.
  • Custom award ceremonies for top profiles.
  • Scavenger hunts using the $map command.

And more! Get creative with hosting events and competitions to bring your community together through Mudae.

Link Mudae Across Servers

If you use Mudae on multiple Discord servers, you can link it across all of them to combine your profile. Just use the $linkserver command in each server.

This allows you to expand your harem with claims from all your servers in one profile. Your full collection travels with you no matter what server you‘re in!

Complete Your Anime Database

For anime servers, Mudae provides the perfect character database. Make sure to claim all characters from the shows featured in your community!

You can use commands like $getseries and $missing to audit which characters you‘re still missing from each anime series. This helps you build out a comprehensive character roster.

The Complete Guide to Mudae: How to Fully Customize and Master the Ultimate Anime Discord Bot – TheLinuxCode (10)

Fleshing out your anime database

Troubleshooting Common Mudae Problems

Of course, even the best bots have some issues pop up now and then. Here are some common Mudae problems and their solutions:

Mudae not responding: First, check the bot has proper permissions in your server like Send Messages and Embed Links. If that‘s not the issue, try the $reboot command to restart Mudae.

Commands not working: Make sure you‘re invoking commands with the proper prefix $. If commands still don‘t work, there may be a temporary API outage so wait a bit and try again later.

Can‘t claim certain characters: Some characters can only be claimed during special seasonal events. Use the $Schedule command to check upcoming claim periods.

Errors during events: Due to high traffic, events can sometimes bug out. Just stay patient and try your commands again in a few minutes when things settle.

Strange images appearing: If you notice offensive/NSFW images that shouldn‘t be there, report them immediately with the $Report command so they can be removed.

Other issues: For any other problems, use the $support command to get help directly from the developer team via the official support server.

The Mudae developers are very active and quick to address bugs, so don‘t hesitate to contact them.


After reading this guide, you should have a solid understanding of Mudae bot, how to fully utilize it, and tips for taking your Mudae mastery to the next level.

Here are some key points to remember:

  • Mudae provides endless anime-themed collecting and gaming options through simple Discord commands.
  • Flex your creative muscles by extensively customizing profiles with themes, images, notes, and more.
  • Engage your community with events like trivia, brackets, scavenger hunts, and contests centered around Mudae.
  • Integrate Mudae deeply into your server with organization strategies and automations.
  • Regularly participate in new events, claims, and games as the bot continually expands.

So rally your fellow anime fans and get ready for endless enjoyment from the incredible Mudae bot! You‘ll quickly see why it‘s the most popular bot for anime communities on Discord. What are you waiting for? Start building your ultimate anime harem today!

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The Complete Guide to Mudae: How to Fully Customize and Master the Ultimate Anime Discord Bot – TheLinuxCode (2024)


How to get anime characters in Mudae? ›

There are four commands which tell Mudae what types of characters you want to get from rolls:
  1. “$wa” for waifus from anime and manga.
  2. “$ha” for husbandos from anime and manga.
  3. “$wg” for waifus from video games.
  4. “$hg” for husbandos from video games.
Jan 4, 2022

What does $dk mean in mudae? ›

The command $dailykakera (or $dk) will give you a random amount of kakera every 20 hours. There are four tiers of rewards. The following data was determined using Mudae logs by the server MudaScience, and is accurate within 0.2%.

How to skip mudae tutorial? ›

The main tutorial has seventeen steps, and the remaining steps are considered "challenge steps." If you've already completed the tutorial on another server, you can use the command $skiptuto to skip to the challenge steps and automatically collect the rewards from the seventeen tutorial levels.

How do you get top characters in Mudae? ›

$top. Displays the top 1000 characters.

Who is the Mudae girl? ›

Yuki Nagato is a rollable animanga waifu in the Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu series in Mudae. Yuki is well known as the "mascot" of Mudae. Her likeness is used as the bot's profile picture.

What is a soulmate in Mudae? ›

Soulmates are characters that you have rolled at least ten keys for by yourself. After becoming your soulmate, a character will be on your $sl, a global list of your soulmates. Soulmates can be copied to a new server using the $soulcopy command.

Is quantity or quality better in mudae? ›

Quantity versus Quality

Quantity and Quality are designed to be equally effective by the bot's developer Saya, and rolling 10,000 kakera loots with Quality 100 Quantity 0 results in the same wishprotect level as Quantity 100 Quality 0. It is generally more cost-efficient to level them equally.

What is BKU Mudae? ›

$bku: Shows you how much kakera you have yet to gain from gold key bonuses.

How do I turn off real people in Mudae? ›

Real Life People is a bundle in Mudae. It is comprised of series representing real people. It can be disabled completely with the personal command $toggleirl. This cannot be overridden by wishes or $antidisable-ing.

How do I add a custom image to a character in Mudae? ›

You can set a new image by using the command $changeimg ($c). To add custom images, use $ai; to allow others in your server to add custom images for their own characters, use $setpermission addimg charowner.

How do you change the color of your profile in Mudae? ›

You can change the embed color of your profile to any hex color using the command $colorpr, which is unlocked by the 12th perk of the Kakera Tower on the first tower.

How to change character order mudae? ›

By using $sortmarry, you can change the order of your $mm. For example, if you want to give all characters from a specific series, you can use $sm series to sort that series to the front, and then give the first page(s).

How do I create a custom alias in Mudae? ›

You can view all aliases by using the command $alist <character> (or $al), and set a new alias with $alias <alias name> (or $a). You can have spoiler aliases sent to you in a DM by using $alspoil.

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